"King of the North", top 10 alliance, is waiting for you!


Well, it’s only one spot - but I don’t wanna forge a quote :wink:


Any more spots open in Wolves?


We have room for 1 more in KOTN! Dont miss out!


1 spot open in wolves of winterfell. Msg me on line and I’ll get you to the right guy to talk with. Eddardofwinterfell


We still have an opening for KOTN and you can help us kill the 12* fire titan.


This is your chance to play in war with us.
We battle against teams in top 10 and fight 11*-12* titans daily.
We have 2 spots open for active players looking to join the fun.
Reach out for me on Line: Julia-north


Thanks Eddard but my friend also wanted to leave our old one so we had to find a place with 2 spots.


Msg me on line and we will help you out. The forum posts are acting up so I am not sure if this is a double post


Making room for the both of you as soon as we hear from you on line. Julia-North or eddardofwinterfell. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you all for your interest. For now our lines are closed :slight_smile:


We have another member being busy in life and giving you the opportunity of joining one of the very best alliances in the game :blush:
Come join us for the next goal of top 5.
Reach out for me on Line: Julia-north


Time for a new recruit. People are busy IRL and are taking vacations etc so we have 1 spot open. Top 10 alliance, 12* titans, always fight a top 5 team in wars etc. Join today!


I’m a very active player who falls just short of requirements but I see there’s still a spot open for king of the north. My current defense team power is 3471 and I’m always between 2200-2500 cups, at this moment it’s 2300ish but I haven’t been raiding while I wait for my chest to refresh. I don’t have 30 heroes for war just yet but I’m a solid titan hitter and I’m not satisfied with my current alliance. It’s basically dead. I’ve only been playing for about 2 months and I’m level 30, I think I’m the type of player you’re looking for.


Hello SWEG, thank you for your interest.

You made a respectable outcome for the short time playing. Unfortunately it’s still not enough to play on that high level. 11*/12* titans kill 4* heroes with a single shot if you don’t cover them with strong troops and/or items. You wouldn’t have joy on that level. And even if you would decide to stay you wouldn’t be a reinforcement for us.

I hope you understand our position. Develop your team(s) and your roster (at least you need 30 heroes developed into 4th ascension for top10 alliances and a defense team with ~4000 teampower) and you will find your way. Good luck and lot of fun for you.


More than welcome to come across to us. Whilst you develop your team. 100% active. Friendly. Chatty (mostly). Search out Squirrel Brigade and check is out.


We have one spot available. Reach out on Line: Julia-north :slight_smile:


… and it can be noted that we just opened our AW chest, so if you join now, you’ll be in for a 100 % participation chest in 2.5 weeks! :wink:

EDIT: As there’s an Alliance War Maintenance Break incoming, promising the opening of a new AW chest in 2.5 weeks time is of course… I wouldn’t want to call it a lie, but, well, not in line with what’s to expect. Let’s say 3 weeks instead. OK?

Also, King of the North is a *** awsome alliance. I mean it. But that pretty much goes without saying.

You might wonder why I have to point it out if it goes without saying. Well, join us to find out!

(Now you’re all like: ‘■■■ is that ornery lizard rambling about, it makes no sense - i better join them and find out’ and I’m like: ‘score’.)




I am interested in joining. 4096 team power 2600+ trophies good bench very active.


Apply in-game or reach out on Line: Julia-north!

Edit: That’s Line-ID Julia-north without an exclamation mark, I only added the exclamation mark to give the sentence a positive wibe, and end it in a proper way.