King of the Hill Style Alliance Wars


For those that may not get the reference King of the Hill is just a game kids play where they try to occupy a hill and throw everyone else down… I don’t really know what else to call this idea.

I would like for there to be a challenge to take towers as an alliance and have other alliances attack them and try and take it over. These towers could hold special bonuses like everyone in the alliance holding it gets +5% ham regeneration and it increases the longer it’s held or like +1% defense in raids increasing as it’s held (With balancing cap points of course)

In the version I’d have in mind King of the North could hold the tower while say Eye of the Storm and Seven Days Fermented attack them. Whoever kills the last defensive team would be the new holder of the tower (With whatever they have left as a team) and their alliance would have to race to defend it before it’s swiped.

It could maybe be set to only have two - three alliances attacking at a time. Alliances would have to call dibs some how on which one to attack. Also there’d have to be enough towers to fight for among tons of alliances. Maybe a fresh set of 25 for every 100 ranks ?

As far as defending the tower I’d like to see it with a 5 at a time rule per player in, and each hero can only be used to defend once per day.

Also: With a stipulation that each alliance can only hold one. If they are holding a tower they cannot attack.