★ King of North ★ is looking for experienced teamplayers. Top 100 wars and MT’s

Want to join a fantastic alliance and play along with some of the best players in the game

Want to have fun in a relaxed and friendly environment but still be competitive

Just knock on our door and we will welcome you



Be a part of a great team :green_heart:

We also offer great music and kitkats to share

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KING OF THE NORTH has spots open for new recruits. KOTN is a strong alliance, among the top 50 alliances when full, with a relaxed vibe, no crazy requirements.

Founding member of the Northern Family of alliances.

Come join us! We’d love to play with you.

Contact primegladiator or shortfuze18 on line

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Still room for more, both with us and our sister alliances
Nice balance between relaxed and competitive, and a great bunch to hang out with!

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Looking for strong new recruits! KOTN has openings and we’re excited to hit the TOP 100 alliances when full :muscle:

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New artwork generated by AI! LoL so fun. I told it to add a dire wolf and a raven to represent our Northern Fam, which includes (but is not limited to) Wolves of the North, Wolves of Winterfell, and Ravens of the North :star_struck:


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Still room for those who want do join during Monster Island!