King Arthur

I was wondering if anyone in here has leveled King Arthur. I know that Magni is everywhere and has more tile damage, but I was curious if anyone had tried him on Titans. He definitely seems to have a few more perks associated with his special to make up for less tile damage. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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All who has pull him definetely max him, both for titans and raids.


Once King Arthur use his special it’ll provide more tile damage for 4 turns.
Magni could be more useful in raids (near a central tank) but for titans the attack reduction (seems that titans have great attack score) and the increased ice damage are better than Magni’s defensive bonus. Also, King Arthur have a great defense score and with his special’s self resistance is way more durable than Magni!


My magni is only 70.

He’ll never be used again frankly except on downlevel attack teams during Alliance Wars TBH since Arthur is around.

I actually got lucky and pulled Arthur on the alt in an insanely good 10 pull and had the requisite scopes; Arthur is close to 80 on that account and he hits friggin hard, and has more tactical effects.

Magni who?

I agree with everything that was said here. I used him in beta with Athena who was nearly maxed. Despite the limited stacking of their defense lowering abilities (due to the changes a few versions ago), they were a lethal combo for red titans. If I didn’t have Athena, then Arthur would be even more useful. I know that everyone was in love with Guinevere (for good reason) but I wanted Arthur more than Guin, and I got him. He is only leveled to 46/70 and I am not quite there with telescopes, so I haven’t used him much but he will be great in alliance wars even at level 70.

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I prefer magni over Arthur

@GeneDude How do athena and arthur defense reducer stack? I’m curious…

Thanks Revelate. I got lucky with him as well. He and Lancelot were both drawn on the first 10x.

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See this thread:

Briefly, you can think of Athena max is -65%, and the combo is probably about -70%. Arthur does help more when Athena’s defense debuff is not maxed. If you had Grimm instead, Arthur will help a lot more.

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Thanks for all of the Replies. Three more capes and he will be on his way to 80.

I’m just about to ascend a 5* blue to tier 3. Other than he’s fast, why ascend Magni first over Arthur? Thanks. Having trouble deciding.

Arthur is highly recommanded for titan guys, expecially for high level titans. His defence debuff and stats make him a must have on red titans.
For all the other stuff Magni is just one of the best heroes of the game (Like Joon or Lianna) and ascend him is never a mistake.

Maybe i ascend first Magni, he is more useful in more jobs.


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