King Arthur or Thorne (yes, Thorne)

Are you serious? I mean 5 seconds of forum search would answer this question easily…and yeah I see you are new guy so I my answer:
Arthur is a brilliant hero that combos red titans into oblivion combined with Athena.

Thorne is a sad guy that does nothing…

Now you can choose yourself;)

King Arthur, all day (in this particular scenario).

Keep Thorne on deck, though, in case you ever want to power level Agwe.


I almost had one of those spit-takes with my coffee when read this headline.

Arthur 1,000,000 times, my friend. And then another 1,000,000 after that.

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Since the last buff Thorne isn’t terribly bad anymore. In fact, I am quite happy with him, even though I would have preferred pretty much any other 5* in blue (but had 18 scopes and no alternative).

In comparison to King Arthur, however, Thorne is awful. Arthur is one of very few colour debuffers and invaluable against titans. Super useful in some event or map levels and a good PvP hero. Thorne is quite tanky and a decent damage dealer, but a 5* without specials should be devastating not decent (that’s why Lianna is great in contrast to Quintus or Throne)


But don’t sleep on Aegir, either. Him and Arthur is a much more difficult decision…

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Thorne who?

Vinte caracteres

The thread title is wrong, it should be King Arthur or Aegir. Thorne doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as the other two.

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What about Arthur vs Frida?

That one depends on the need. Arthur if your focus is on Titans. Frida if your focus is on raids

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i maxed my Thorne, but i’m fairly sure i would have waited if i had King Arthur as my second choice.

i like Thorne (updated), but he’s still the lesser of the 5* blues.

Hail to the King. :wink:

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Frida combos better with the 3 hitters. So Frida is better with Master Lepus, Grimm, Magni, Athena, Richard, Thorne.

Both combo well with the single hitters like Alasie and Alice.

I feel like Frida has the higher upside because of the devastation that having multiple blue 3 hitters + Frida will do.

But yeah the answer may depend on your other blue heroes and how far along Frida and Arthur are.

EDIT: Leonidas1 made a good point about Arthur being better on titans above

Arthur no question, especially looking at your other blue heroes.

Arthur will be invaluable against Red titans. Pair him up with Athena, Kiril, Triton and Wu Kong. And watch your damage scores soar!

edit: oops, I didn’t realize Kiril wasn’t trained. Any other blue will do for the moment then, the point is that Arthur increases blue stack damage by magnitudes!

also looks like there’s a duplicate topic here: King Arthur or Thorne

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King Arthur. He’s a must-have against Titans

King Arthur is a rock star. I’d consider doing Aegir after that and let poor Thorne stay at 3-26.

Mods this is a duplicate of King Arthur or Thorne (yes, Thorne)

Merged. Thanks @DaveSonnenberg :wink:

Sorry about that I thought I had deleted the 1st post because I didn’t add about suggestions for war teams. My bad completely

Has anyone tried using multiple Fridas?

I faced double-Frida in a raid once. Got a flawless victory against it

Easy. The King. He’s one of the best blue 5* for red titans. As an elemental debuffer he even works better than Frida in this scenario.

As mentioned above, I would also consider Aegir, at least take him to 3/70. He’ll make sure your heroes won’t go down easily.

If you’ll end up with a line up somewhat like this: Athena - King Arthur - Aegir - Grimm - Wu Kong
… The red titans will cry.

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