King Arthur or Aegir?

I’m torn between upgrading talent grid of King Arthur or Aegir. I have been using Onatel as my tank. TG3 Any advice is appreciated

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Aegir is better tank than Onatel, are you using one colour tank in wars?
Do you have another tank options except Onatel?

I’m closer to Arthur for titan hits

Arthur for titans, but what other heroes do you have?

This may be true for some players, but certainly not for all players, Aegir for me is about as close to an instant win as I can get, Onatel not so much.

As for OPs question, I’m a fan of Arthur but can see usability for both depending on what you want from your offensive teams, don’t feel either are great on defense. 2 cents


Other 4-80’s currently Marjana , Lianna and Obakan. Also Justice Thanks for reply
Thinking defensively for war and overall.


Aegir and Obakan don’t play well together, not that losing Obakan seems like a big deal :stuck_out_tongue: But the reason for that being that riposte only counters direct damage, meaning that it won’t counter anything if the opponent hits other heroes while spirit linked with Aegir’s skill.

As for Aegir, I believe he can work on your defense team but it’ll have a weakness to purple stacks.

Aegir is a pretty passive tank. He is good at that role, but spirit link can be used against him; the opponent can target the hero with the weakest defense, such as Marjana for e.g.; reduce her defense and then hammer her with special skills to distribute a lot of damage across your defense team.

So Aegir needs some support from the flanks, and right now the only ones I can see helping with that are Onatel and Justice. Both of their skills are good at crowd control. So as long as you’re okay with the double weakness to purple:

Lianna | Onatel | Aegir | Justice | Marjana

There are exceptions, but ideally I like putting fast heroes in the corners, and average or slower in the center. This helps guarantee that all of them fire.

If you go with Arthur, you can try this for your defense team… although Arthur is more known for being better on offense and particularly against red titans:

Marjana | Arthur | Onatel | Obakan | Lianna

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Thanks for the info Dave!

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Thanks to all who replied. It’s appreciated

Onatel works fine as a tank.

Up Arthur more offensive greatness. Aegir is good for blue stacks and ok for defense.
Both are good but Arthur is better.

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That beard is too sexy.
I vote Arthur.

Is it though? Call me a perfectionist, but why is one half of the beard coming off the chin and one half coming off his jaw? Just saying if i had designed him it would be split even to both sides of the chin…or maybe one off both jaws and one center…lol…and while we’re on character design, did anybody notice Poseidon skips leg day at the gym? I mean c’mon…