King Arthur, Master Lepus, Ariel or Magni. Who to ascend

On this current mono team who would you ascend?

3 good choices there

  • Ariel might just be the best healer in the game
  • Arthur is very important for titans if you don’t have Frida
  • Lepus does the largest amount of damage in the game for a fast hitter

I’d probably go Ariel, but it depends what you’re after. My Lepus is one of my very fave heroes

Edit: actually gonna choose Lepus, as you need some killing power


Ariel, because healer is so versatile and used on any occasion (map, raid, challenge, etc) and any team either defense or offense

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That’s what I was trying to decide. Ariel is a great healer but I need fire power. KA is a beast with his power and def down, Mag hits hard and boost defense and Master L hits multiple targets hard.

I’d still go Ariel. She’s two heroes in one and emblemed is very very strong. She fits everywhere, too. Arthur is serviceable on titans at 3/70, and you want tiles there, not specials.

I’m more worried about wars then titans.

Ariel, as a 5* solid average speed healer and cleanser rolled in one package. Not to mention that mana boost.

Arthur for Titans, seeing as you have a Kiril costume, you can use that for 6 more scopes.

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If it were me, I’d probably go with Ariel, simply because I think she is the best of the 5 heroes that you are considering.

With that said, because you are looking for attack punch, I would probably go with King Arthur and here’s why. He will not necessarily provide you with the best damage on his special, but his special will help improve your other blues damage as a result of his blue defense down. That’s not just good for raiding and war, it’s imperative if you want great scores against titans.

His special makes Master Lepus’, Magni’s, and Vela’s specials better too by default. So, you effectively get an offensive bump for all 4, instead of just the one. And you also have the potential for increased blue tile damage as well.

Ariel is a star. Too bad blue is irelevant right now

Ariel is my number 1 and I have telly, gravemaker, jabber to name a few…Her 2 features mana up and dispel status ailments doesn’t get much better than that,

Kind of my point. C. Kiril Aegir Vela Arthur Lepus would be a great mono.

Ariel is good, but OP has very little firepower.

I had the same choice and went Ariel followed by Arthur. No regrets at all as with time I got Arthur ascended

I agree with this analysis. KA boosts your firepower across the board. Ariel is my second choice. Lepus third

If you don’t have another 5* healer, then I’d go with Ariel. If you do, go with King Arthur. He’s more versatile with his elemental defense down and hits like a Mac Truck. I’m thinking about leveling up one of his duplicates.

Ariel is the winner here. Ariel is one of the best heroes in the game (and the best healer). She can be used everywhere and boosts mana speeds of your entire team. Weird beard (AKA King Arthur) is probably my second choice assuming Frida isn’t hiding somewhere in your roster.

Ok thanks. I’ll max Ariel

Lots of feedback and it looks like you have already chosen, but my thought is that Ariel is good but ascending her won’t make her special any more potent. It will add a good amount of survivability, which is important, particularly for a healer. King Arthur believe only debuffs one enemy which is fine for titans but a bit limiting on PVP. Master Lepus would get a boost in survivability as well as a huge boost in damage output.

So I think it comes down to what scenario you are facing now. Do you find Ariel dies too soon to heal the team, in PVP (not qiute as important in PVE as you have items, but still a consideration)? Or do you find that you just don’t do enough damage to kill off opponents?

Personally, I would do ML first, as long as you are not facing the critical survivability issues with Ariel.

KA does a bunch of damage to one enemy as well as lowers their attack and defense. Aegir helps keep everyone alive which helps Ariel stay alive till she heals everyone. Then I have ML and Vela to add to the damage KA did especially with the lowered defense.