Kindly asking for better navigation in long topics

Hi, the way this forum works is someone opens a topic. With some luck, there are three or four people that answer before a kind moderador moves the whole conversation to the end of a very long one of more than 300 messages.
Problem with these extremely long topics is that there is no scroll bar to move fast up, down or to the middle. At least there isn’t one in my mobile screen.
It makes very tiring to read them properly. Also it would be good if there was a “last” link to go to the latest comment at the very top of the topic, and a “first” link just at the very bottom of It. This is specially useful in a popular heroe topic, or generic topics as Ninja tower, where everything is mixed up so much, It is barely impossible to get any useful information (specially scrolling all messages one by one).
Kindly asking for better navigation in long topics. If done so, the probability of having repeated opened threads will become less and the buried information between not useful one will be easier to be dig out.

Click on the number in the bottom right portion of your screen. 1/1 1/3763 etc etc. There’s a bar on the right. Use it to scroll up and down.


Doesn’t work on my mobile when threads are too long.

I tried again at It works. It seems It was a bug on my mobile. Thanks.

3rd party


The forum software is 3rd party. Software suggestions need to be made on their forum ( see notes ).



Once a topic gets long enough, it gets a summarize button ( use your likes people )


You can also filter by user


New features



Use your likes


As this is already a feature (albeit not always easy to find) I’ll close the thread.

As the omniscient @Gryphonknight has linked, there is a lot of functionality in Discourse, the forum software, that is not widely known about.

Sometimes even the mods and staff have to search the Discourse forum for answers on its mechanics.

People often have very similar ideas and it’s not ideal to have dozens of identical topics.

Sometimes it would be handy if people searched the forum more often, rather than assume their idea is unique :bowing_man:
There is already a very long thread on this particular point :wink:.


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