Kind of lost which way to go

So let me start off by thanks to all the input and advice that has been given to me by this community…now I’m sort of new at this game I been kinda of all over the place when leveling my heros so now I’m kinda asking for some input with what direction I should go with my heros who are priority to level up and who to just feed away…bc now I’m having a hard time keeping up in the 1800 cup region because of the stronger teams and higher level troops…

So here are my troops and heros so any input would be great…even what would be a good defensive team for my raid team

I’ve just been collecting as many heroes as I can from 3 star and up and then using the duplicates and two stars to train with

Questions of advice about gameplay or rosters belong in the #gameplay-help-tactics section. So I’ve moved your post over here. I’m sure people will have some useful advice for you :slight_smile:


I would say work on leveling your offensive line-up. Personally, I focus on healers, snipers and heroes that debuff. You should look for heroes with synergy with Wu and Elena.

Winkalet so do you mean like a wibur or anzog

I know what the healers are and snipers are but what kind of heros are the synergy kind

IMO, I would go after a defense team first. Once you are set, then you focus on offense team. Since your defense is your stability for your trophy and your offense, you can keep altering to go against the enemy. one of the better mid level tank is kashhrek. get him up and going and that can be your tank. then, colen, jackel is awesome, melendor and boldtusk, merlin and trition. Study their special for special reason. Melendar for debuff especially the counterattack. if you don’t level him just skip enemy with counterattack. rigard is a cleaner… good for again enemy like colen or any DOT or buff enemy. Merlin is awesome with mindcontrol with mana. you got great hero. at the moment focus on the first set…what i did was get everyone to 3/60 then decide which one will get the ascenion. one color at a time. it will take you 3 months. but heck that the whole point of the game

i usually recommend to my team that at least get 6 healer for alliance war. because you can always stack color.

You got green 4 star troop… definitely kashhrek as you tank. until you get a better one. I have seen lower diamond still use him

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Your team has three ripostes. Elena has a weak attack. Wu might give her a boost (or he may cause her to miss). All Wu has to work with is the tiles. I would keep Elena, because she can hit and riposte. But you also need an offense to come up after Wu. I’d look at Tibertus, the Jackal and Kellie. Anyone fast and hard.

I focused on my healers first (Melandor, Bold Tusk, Kirilenko and Rigard). Then, built out from there. Since you started with strong defensive skills, you need to build your offense.

Bold Tusk, colen, jackal, rigard finish.
Triton merlin, tiburtus and brienne are ok on offense
Use the boril or kashhrek as tank depending who else you use on defense.

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