Kind of a bug.promote demote

While promoting and demoting .
My team has a policy of making everyone coleader so when a player is absent for 5 day we domote and the same for 10 days until kicked or player hits for a week promote back up a spot.
My problem is as leader it my job to do this, now I have accidentaly promoted an abesent player to leader and there is no way to reverse this .
We started this alliance as we had an absent leader and many absent players in last alliance .
Be great if there was a way to confirm promote or demote after hitting the button or a possibility to have two leaders .
Unfortunately this is the second time ive done this and would be picking im not the only one.
I dont think it would be too hard to add a confirm or an are sure type of pop up when doing this .
Buy the way the person promoted is the lowest rank position in my team and i now absent 10 days and this was done 5 days ago .And if they dont return cant kick promote demote and we dont really want to start new alliance .
Your thoughts please or possibility of talking to developers about this.

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Maybe you might be a better co-leader in an established alliance. Just saying.

Thanks for your input .Not really helpful tho .In fact pretty useless comment . If you new the effort put into the alliance starting with 5 people you probably keep that comment to yourself .trolling dosent help anyone.

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I’ve promoted a member to leader once, on purpose. I have two profiles and wanted to switch to my stronger profile.

I remember first off, being very careful, and also that there was indeed an “are you sure” confirmation.


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