Killing Titans - the time left and what this means for the next Titan

So I’ve a question as I’m really interested in people’s thoughts.

In my Alliance they try and not kill the Titan until under 2 hours left on the belief that this will keep you at your Titan level longer.

Now I’m totally happy doing this, no issues with the reasoning. I’m just intrigued if there’s some science to this or more superstitious?

So the example is based on our alliance. We float between 12* and 13* Titans. Mainly because we can kill 12* without crazy levels of items needed. 13* we need to throw more in and there comes a point where we have to flask to kill them. 14* is out of reach other than to kill just to say we have.

So the game is to try and keep in the 12* range for as long as we can.

Now somewhere along the way the idea formed that killing your Titan with the least time left will keep the difficulty creep down. That’s the bit I’m intrigued by.

Is it anecdotal or does it actually work? Ive not seen the flip side of that to know (ie smashing them as fast as possible)

So this is one for the Forum Brain Trust. Hit me with some data (or wild speculation)

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I have no data to back it up, but afaik it is true that the faster you kill a titan, the more is the chance of getting a stronger titan. This is something new alliances do, when they try to go up in titan level as fast as possible. So, it is not far fetched to believe that the opposite might be true. The more you delay the kill, less are the chances of getting a stronger titan. But at the end of the day it’s all RNG. I have seen cases where an alliance killed an A* titan, and got a (A-1)* titan next or a (A+2)* as the next one. I am sure both of these are outliers in the curve and doesn’t happen much.

TLDR: There is some truth to what your alliance is thinking, but let’s see if we can get some more anecdotal evidence.

I tried very hard to answer this question and gave up. I disproved a lot of theories lol.

RNG is definitely a factor imo, but there is more in there too. I came to the conclusion that it takes into account several of the more recent kills, but that is an educated guess, not something set in stone.

I find it plausible that speed of kill influences the next titan, but the details elude me :frowning:

Yep, my current alliance kills in the last 30 minutes. Personally I don’t see much impact, but if it makes people happy that’s fine with me. :grinning:
I can confirm from my solo alliance experience that you can jump from 1 to 2 to 3 when killing in the first 10 minutes or so.
The most crazy jump was in my very first alliance some three years back. We jumped from 6 to 8. Never saw a +2 jump again.

I’ve never heard this theory before. :thinking: As TPK stated, I’ve always read people wanting to speed to the higher level titan, not stay on the same level titan. Sorry can’t provide anecdotal evidence, the Incognitos don’t let any titan escape.

@Guvnor do you know if delaying the kill on a titan, increases the chances of staying at the same level titan?

We tried the “under one hour” method for nearly a month in one alliance and we jumped to the next tier 1-3 kills after letting one escape. We finally scrapped that test and just killed whenever. We couldn’t tell any difference as we were jumping up after 1-3 titan kills either way.

Now this was a while ago, but I can’t find anywhere where it is rescinded either. Probably still in effect.

Per above all I’ve ever seen is the theory presented. I haven’t ever seen a statistical assessment of exactly how much the Titan Score is affected by the speed of killing.

As @LordDust cross-posted, the speed of killing DOES play into the titan score but I just have no idea how much so. So not sure how much of an impact waiting until 2hours to go has vs. killing it with 3-5 hours to go has.

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■■■■, really? REALLY? Some kind of StatsAn that someone hasn’t done yet?

@Shirley you jest.

I’m not an alliance leader so… not my problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Some time ago Our alliance was used to kill 9* titans, We got a 10* which we managed to kill in the last 2 hours, the next was 11*… rare.

Nope, how fast titan is killed do not affect titan score.

I remember there were a time when my alliance just skip a titan, kill the next one in the last hour, and the next titan star increased. There are also times when we kill 4 titans faster than 11 hours but the star did not go up.

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