Killing titans no longer has a purpose

Ever since they added titan parts to titan loot I have received ZERO ascension items - i have 3 accounts and all 3 are A+ and A every titan - 10 star - last 7 titans ZERO ascension items - all i get are useless titan parts i will never use because the cost of using them is waaaay too high in terms of resources


I have not seen this. Everything has been the same for myself and my alliance. I’ve had dry runs for a week or 2 before, you could be seeing one. Titans are stI’ll the best source of ascension items.


I barely have the time to maintain my one account, I can’t imagine THREE.


Best source of ascension items is the Atlantis chest after summoning ten times. Everything else is a crap shoot lol


I respectfully disagree.


Yowza, that is one sexy drop. Haha.


Been playing almost 3 years with 3 accounts and never had that

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All i have been getting is lumber to build shelving with


Bet you got a hellofa book case


These are from the last week, I hadn’t had anything for ages but that’s nothing new for me so I can’t agree with the OP


Titans loot hasn’t really changed from what I can see, but holy hell has the Titan chest gotten pretty bad over the years. Went from looking forwards to it to just rolling my eyes every time it’s full. Titan chest the new monster chest, monster chest is just 6-8 and a silver coin without recruits. Diamond raid chest is the same + a training hero.

I’m sick. Was in the hospital. Lowest Titan score in 6 months…


what is the harpoons hits mean and how u hit the titan with one

Sorry to hear you are sick. I wish you a full and speedy recovery!

Congrats on the loot!

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Harpoons are a new item made in a building called the Hunter’s Lodge. The lodge is unlocked with Stronghold level 21. Once you build the Hunter’s lodge and research harpoons you can start making them. Then using them on a titan is as simple as bringing the harpoons in as a battle item(you can bring 5 per battle).

If enough harpoons are used on a titan by the entire alliance, everyone in the alliance who hit the titan will get titan parts. Those parts are used in the Hunter’s lodge to make powerful 5* battle items.


Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of rest :zzz:

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Making those items will cost a fortune in resources - i doubt i will ever make any since all my food goes to leveling up heroes


Yeah, I only ever made 2 Harpoons… that I’ve never used. I burn massive amounts of food leveling heroes.


Just a wee infection and a touch of sepsis. Nothing to worry about. :wink:


I’ve noticed the same issue with ascension drops. At some point a few months ago something changed. No drops in element chests, war chests, or titan drops. It got much fewer and far between. Have to buy them or you can’t level. I know there are going to be people that say it hasn’t changed but it absolutely has.