Killing heroes in latest war round and earning 0 points

Can you attach screenshots? Some of your opponents war board and the attack log should do the trick.

This post makes no sense

Mine or the OP? Im going to assume it’s the OPs as I agree it’s confusing. That’s why I asked for screenshots. Often screenshots can quickly identify the cause of an issue.

If a hero starts off dead but is resurrected during a fight, you don’t get extra points for killing it again. The full points for that hero have already been scored. Likewise, if a hero is injured to start the fight but is healed up to full, you don’t get extra points for taking its health back down again to where it started the fight. Those points have already been scored once too.


Sorry I don’t have screenshots of the warboard as it was happening. To answer some questions, no, nobody got resurrected after they had died. Every hero death was original, first time death. I’ll describe two basic ways this has happened.

Scenario one:

Imagine it like this. It’s a totally normal war scenario. You go in and make your attack. Maybe you take out the entire opponent’s party, maybe you take out one or two heroes. The match ends. Everything normal so far.

You go to see how many points you scored for killing those heroes (or the entire team) and your score is zero. No points. You were the first one to attack this opponent since the war started and completely killed every hero, expecting a full score. You get awarded zero points.

Scenario two:

You go to attack an opponent that has been attacked once and only once before. There are three heroes remaining with partial health. No one on the enemy team has the ability to resurrect at all. You kill two heroes. Everything so far is normal. The round finishes because your heroes all die.

You should receive points for killing the two heroes under normal circumstances. We are receiving zero points for killing those two heroes. We receive a couple points for taking the health down of the remaining living opposing hero (which is normal mechanics). But we get zero points for killing the other two heroes. None at all.

This has happened at least a dozen times now. I’ll also include a screenshot of our current war score; when we lose it usually is by 100-200 or less points. This is an utter landslide because of this bug.

I’m really sorry about not having a screenshot of the warboard but I’m not sure it would have helped; it looks pretty much normal. Other documenting screenshots would be hard to capture as well; I would have to ask that everyone take a screenshot before and after every battle to try to catch a discrepancy between before a battle starts (how the other team looks/which heroes are alive/HP levels etc) and then again what the team looks like after the battle is over including points awarded.

I can try to at least capture this myself and suggest my alliance help. I know it sounds really bizarre; trust me, it IS really bizarre. We are totally baffled/blown away too. Not getting credit for original hero kills in war hasn’t exactly happened to us before.

PS The one I tagged with red that scored 44 points; that one originally showed a score of 0. He had to force close the app and restart before the score showed up. The rest of us that have been affected have tried it and it didn’t work for us.

@Garanwyn Thank you for the tips. We are definitely aware of both game mechanics. I wish it were that easy; in this case neither apply. The problem is a failure to get awarded points for original hero kills with no prior resurrections. Good points though!!!

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Sounds like you need to submit a support ticket so SG can take a look at what is going on. Here’s how to do that:

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Thanks, bug report definitely submitted!!!


Good luck! That sounds very unpleasant to deal with.

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I just saw this issue. Killed an opponent in war, and got Zero points.

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Please submit a support ticket so SG can take a look at your case. The instructions on how to do this are just a little bit upthread. If you have any difficulty, just reply to my post or @ me and I’ll do what I can to help.

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This also happened to me this time.

One was dead, others whittled half down and after a flee right before the aid went off… zero points.

It’s not worth a ticket imo. Only about 10 points.

It’s worth a ticket because that helps them investigate the problem and figure out how to fix it. They can go back through your game log and replay what happened to see why the bug is occurring.

I’m guessing they can’t fix your 10 points though, yeah.


Was this attack. I dunno anymore, if Sabsy or Kiril were charged, but at least Hatter was dead after the battle. Screeny was taken now after respawning. I forgot to take one immediately.




Something similar happened to me during recent war. I killed four enemies, lost one of my heroes. Then the game crashed. After I logged back in, I saw the enemy team was still intact on the battlefield. I got zero points for my attack, lost a flag and my attack team!

Sadly this is no bug, since flag and hero usage will be sent to the database by hitting the fight button and everything else will be sent after the fight.

If you disconnect during a fight, you will get a zero. That’s different than the issue they’re describing above.


That’s still not fair. If you flee during the fight, you get points you’ve earned. It should be the same for the people who got disconnected in the middle of the fight.
In both cases you lose the fight, but people, who get disconnected are punished for something, that was not their fault.

I don’t know what to tell you. There is definitely an #ideas-feature-requests proposal asking that disconnects be handled differently. I’d encourage you to vote on it, and maybe SG will change how they handle them.

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That’s impossible, since there had to be a continuous connection request for every player to manage it. That would cause an enormous server load. There has to be a trigger to update the database like every x minutes or the end of a fight.

However they decide to give you a zero could equally be treated as a “flee” instead.

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