Killing final TITAN and Loosing life

Just questioning that’s all. Season 2 area 11. Fought my way through everything, defeated the TITAN with my last available HERO, my HERO suffered a fatal blow at the same time as the TITAN was killed. It turned out that all of my progress has been lost. I’ve got to re-fight my way through all of it again? Is this new with the recent download??

This is typical. Just like a raid, you lose the fight if your hero is killed on the same move as your opponent. It’s very irritating but definitely normal :astonished:


Thank you for answering. I truly appreciate your time and effort with this.


The answer marked Solution seems a strange one?

I much prefer @LadySuzanne’s :wink:

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That’s what I meant. Still learning how all this works. Thanks-Fly

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No worries my friend, just having a bit of fun. I’ve been here quite awhile and I still don’t know how all this works :joy:

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