Killing dead enemies, probably a Marie-Therese bug

While using a mono red stack in the last war the follow strange events happened.

My Anzogh attack killed all enemies.

Victory right? Not really.

No opponents visible.
So I attack with Guardian Kong he hits 2.

I then moved some tiles and the two left hero spots appear to be hit. On their turn they attack

Then I fire Wilbur and they are hit.
Falcons special finally kills the already dead heros.

I don’t know what happened but I’m glad it didn’t end in defeat.
When they attacked Anzogh received this attack and status ailment from the spot Boldtusk had.

This was the opponents team.

Definitely looks like a bug. My guess is that Marie-Therese had put her zombie thing out there and they went into zombie mode but were invisible for some reason…

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I wondered about that, but I’m not familiar enough with the zombie attack to know if they attack with the bite and poison.

I believe the name of the zombie special is snake bite, so that would make sense…

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