Killing blows that leave a little bit of health issue

I have no doubt in my mind there is a built mechanism that handicaps players during high rank raid matches or during tourneys to raise the chance of a loss. (Yes. SG likes players to get some early losses so they have to buy back in). It is uncanny how times in a row a high sniper damage attack like Joon or Marjana leaves an opponent with less than 50 life. Now, of course, if the opponent has around 500 or less health, it never happens because that would be blatantly obvious. But i can’t tell you how many times it happens over several games. People will just say its bad luck, RNG, or you simply forget how many times it doesn’t happen. The most obvious was during a Buff bonus tourney, Poseidon had 4 buffs and the opponent had no buffs and he only did 700 damage to leave the guy at 10 health. This is consistently happening at an extremely improbable rate that is getting ridiculous.

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Eliminates the need or motivation for any further discussion for most sensible/logical people

Idk who you want your audience to be but i can say it’s not me

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Well considering you are taking the arrogant route of claiming “since i’ve never noticed it happen to me, then it is not possible and the point is now moot”, i’m just going to assume you have limited observational skills and/or you are someone who is easily duped. I have a hunch your delusions of grandeur are found repeatly on this website

Well I am always the guy who doesnt believe that there is any backdoor in the program that pushes people to buy in more often.

Several explanations lead to that. And talking of “constantly” is very dangerous.

  1. Statistically you would also have to count how many times you killed a target and calculate how much “overdamage” you have done.
    Example: Enemy stands with 700 life. You hit 708 damage (=8 overdamage)

  2. Raid tournaments, mostl 3 and 4 star tournaments, often have enemy defenses with heavily talented heroes. So a kelile, that we all used to kill in our early game experiences, and a kelile+20 have very different defense stats.

  3. The health bar is often barely visible when life is low, what additionally stresses us and give us the feeling that this cant be bad luck anymore.

  4. You would have to write down every damage you hitters made.
    Life of enemy, def of enemy, dealt damage
    All over and over again. And you see that the damage averages around a certain amount and has nothing to do with the life of the target.

The only known additionally programmed thing is, that slash attacks and autofired specials from enemies defense, tend to hit your heroes with low defense and low life.
So its not a 20% chance that enemy joon fires away your low life elena, but more like (i guess) 66% or so.

I dont know if anybody has this statistic?

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