Killhare vs Sir Roostley

if You had to choose between having Killhare or Sir Roostley, which one would you choose and why?

I think 1st is depend on the rest roster and AM.
But overall I choose Killhare because she is more sturdy and always hit-all.


I have Roostley, but would choose Killhare over him in a heartbeat. The fact is that Killhare is going to hit the enemy, there’s no guarantee the Rooster will.

He’s failed to hit even a single target for me so many times, it’s almost laughable.


Killhare, by skill and especially by looks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think Sir Roostley with emblems could be a very decent tank (I will try it out in a couple of weeks since I don’t have Telluria or any other good Paladin 5*).

For everything else, Killhare seems more reliable.

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Killhare and it’s not even close. Roostley would be so much better if he didn’t have to chain through opponents, but I get the design idea behind it. Fun design, but way underwhelming in practice.


Killhare because she consistently hits all enemies, while Roostley is more likely to hit 2 heroes (as the tank or one of the flanks might be KO’d by the time he charges).

Her drawback is worse than Roostley’s but that’s kind of the point; having an average speed Quintus with better stats would be OP otherwise.


He is… faced him once. He fired and did severe damage to the team. But it is easier to recover from pure damage with a healer than from this Mana Slow down telluria with Team-heal and team-mestshield and insane defensive stats … so much easier to handle than her … also easier than an Emblemed Guin I would say…

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The only way I could see him being a really nasty tank is with Killhare and Lepus on the same defence - 20% attack boost is no joke.

But tbh I’d still attack it.

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Offense: Killhare
Defense: Roostley

Reason is simple, on offense usually the tank dies first which diminishes Roostleys special to 40% (2 of 5 heros), while Killhare still will do 80% (4 of 5 heros), makes Killhare much more potent on offense. Roostley’s downside can be limited by sniping flanks or wings first (that way he can still hit 3 or 4 heros = 60-80% of his potential special damage). Having a slower offense team, that gives Roostley the first shot instead of the snipers will also work.

In general on offense the feeling of Roostley not living up to his full potential is annoying.

On Defense: Both do very decent damage, however the drawback of Roostley is much much less severe. Reason is simple, def down makes you die much faster. While attack down has no impact on your surviveability.

Respectively, even if roostley attack down is in effect this would mean, that if it comes to play (2 specials back to back). This means you did very hard hitting special and witthin 3 rounds do another round of this special. Which is good!

Note that a Roostley does with attack down applied (due to the 20% attack bonus in defense) as much damage as a Roostley on offense without the status ailment (= 400-500 dmg per hero hit).

I am going full-on tank on Roostley atm. At the end of the day he does more damage then most slow AOE hitters with average speed and he has decent very decent attack, defense stats + Paladin Skill which is good for a tank.


@CaptainFreeFrag btw Welcome to the forum! :hugs:

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@LadyAchilles Thank you ! I can’t believe I am only posting now after reading you for more than a year and a half :sweat_smile:

@Calling_Demon I fully agree with what you stated, but unfortunately I don’t own a top tier tank and I’m running Ariel ATM, so I think Sir Roostley is worth a shot.


Looking at Anchor’s grading, Killhare has A+ while Roostley has B (might change since it was apparently added today).

Killhare is a sis to Ursena - she has comparable stats except her special is without yellow reflect, but hits like a truck all the time. She also does not debuff her defense, making her nice tank.

Sir Roostley is like a worse Finley - exceptionally vulnerable to being blinded, but has not advantages of Finley (being fast, debuffs). He also becomes useless once you kill tank.

So I would go with Killhare.


I was trying to convince myself that Roostley would have his use and be good since I pulled him when I actually wanted Killhare…but I can’t, so he will just sit until a later date LOL

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