Killhare or Bera?

I have several good purple 5* options to evolve. The two i am thinking of is either Killhare or Bera. I do have Freya, Alfrike, onyx, Hel and several others maxed with emblems. Thoughts?? I could evolve, marie therese, kageburado or Myztero also

Killhare or Bera are standard all around options.

Depends where do you wish to use ascended hero? Hero defense, offense, titans, tournaments,…?

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It all boils down to this !!

Go where your guts feelsl you ought to max since you yourself know what your attack and/or defense strategy is, your roster of heroes, emblems availability, troops, etc.

It’s close, but I would go with Bera.

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I wish i had these kind of problems :joy::joy:


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