🐰 Killhare – 5* Dark/Purple from Springvale

@Guvnor Can u give me the screenshot of your team, your in game name and your alliance, and your cups, maybe someday i will search for your defense (reroll-reroll until i find you if you give your details)

Usually i look for unique defense setup when rerolling and searching for an opponent (without reading their name). It would be interesting if somebody can provide one defense with all springvale heroes, it surely will catch my eyes :blush:


Game name is the same as here: β€œGuvnor”

Alliance is Seven Days Hunting.

Cups are usually between 2550-2650 region


Ok great guvnor, i will hunt for you, hopefull i can find u :blush::ok_hand:

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Has someone tested/faced this bit… er bunny in the very fast war?

I REALLY want Killhare, she will combo perfectly with Gazelle and I have the materials to max her. Come on 14 hero tokens do your thing!

How did it go? 14 tokens going to mean you have to have luck on your side as well

Question, sometimes Killhare even with a +26 mana troop on her doesn’t charge quite as fast as other fast hero’s. If I throw the extra 2% from node 19, will that do it. Use her with Panther, Jabber, Sartana usually in a 4/1 but want them all firing at the same time. If not I can use the fighter emblems elsewhere. Thanks!

Killhare is average not fast mana.
With a level 23 (or higher) troop you can get her down to charge in 9 tiles. Fast heroes charge in 8. I don’t think you can get her down to 8.


Can taunt protect ally from Killhare’s lower defense ?

No, it can’t.


Thank you. I ask because taunt can actually protect damage on ally from Mok-Arr.

20 tokens used in the end and I got 19 season one dupes and 1 easter 3* dupe

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Just got killhare and I absolutely love pairing her with riposte heroes. That defence down is making them deal extra counterattack. It gives me more reasons to train my cyprian and Mack now


Surprised me with a single pull!!


Been using KH since last Springvale and never thought of doing this. Sounds interesting!

It also makes C Boril and C Cyprian somewhat viable. That -20% defence drop helps to make up with their lack of counterattack. Situational in raids but quite useful in regular stages


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