🐰 Killhare – 5* Dark/Purple from Springvale

The rabbit is insanely OP. No other AoE causes nowhere near this much damage, especially not at average speed…

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Sir Roostley and Ursena does.

I might be wrong, but Ursena hits for a max of 270% and only if the enemy is over 50% hp and Rosterly only hits targets that are next to each other, so, if the chain is broken, damage output is also… Killer wrabit hits all at the same 300%, no matter what. And has perfect sinergy with c. Rigard and c.Tibs, (same element, same speed, devastating combo) becoming a team killer. All you need is an off color defense booster. Vela’s getting butchered right now for far less…

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Thanks to having unconditional 300%, Killhare is viable as a wing, unlike Ursena.

She’s basically your defense’s berserk timer.


Her stats are better too than ursena, she seems fragile compared to Killhare. Her synergy with JF is a plus too, 300% damage 42% def for all, her fighter skill, good defense, high health, she’s the best. :rabbit:


Killhare is the most powerfull hero in the game. Period.


I have Killhare on right wing of my defense. Node 19 with a lvl 21 troop. She has been a great addition to my defense.

She’s also great in my mono attack team with Panther, C Domitia, Kage, and Seshat. If I get 9 tiles in a combo the opponent doesn’t stand a chance.


my dark mono team is her with freya, kage, panther, rigard (without costume, i prefer instant heal). devastating and like you said (my mana troop is high enough too) its a 9 tile kill.

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My 9 tile dark mono team is c. Rigard, c. Tiburtus, panther, ursena killhare fired in that order. Panther is unemblemed, the rest are +20.

For the current rush raid tourney, it’s my 6 tile dark mono team.


I just finished leveling my Killhare. What emblem path should I take with her? I will be using Killhare for raids, wars, events and eventually I might use her on my war defense especially if they follow through with the war rule changes that are currently being discussed. I have enough emblems to take her through grid +12. Ultimately, I want to get her to +18. Any thoughts welcome. Visuals are a plus! :wink:

I went Attack > Defece > HP

Except for the first branch… I did a stupid there and didn’t realise until too late…

It should have looked like this:

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Excellent! Thanks @Guvnor! I have a similar question for Finley in the other thread. Much appreciated!

Looks like you failed on another branch…healing over Health/Defense??! I’d NEVER choose healing in any situation personally. What’s the benefit?

Less health points = less war points skewing.

Almost the same as @Guvnor’s. Attack > Defense > Health.

Skipped the healing branch because the subsequent node was just health, and I preferred defense.

You and @vanZille took the same path! :wink: It will be a bit before I get to the 8th grid node. Thank you! :wink:



What I plan to do as soon as I get enough emblems.


What a difference that single mana node makes! She becomes effectively fast with just a L17 mana troop.

Killhare on defense


@mogulemon would be intereseted (if you ever find me) in seeing your thoughts on all the Springvale heroes in one defence team :slight_smile:

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