Killer Windows Utilties is recruiting!

Hey everyone

Super small, quiet alliance looking to grow to take out ~7 star titans.

Wars optional, titans more of a priority. No outside messenger requirements either!

All levels and experience welcome, lots of space for everyone!


Doubled in number since my last post, still looking for active players to help bring down moderate level titans (to start)!

Titans a priority, wars optional, no messenger requirements.

All levels welcome~

looking for members to help with titan POV requirements. we’d love long term active members, but temp mercs are welcome too~ wars optional, no level/rank/cup requirements or outside messenger apps. come join us!

My guild has slowly died and looking for a larger active one, shoot me an invite if I qualify. Thanks.

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You definitely qualify. I don’t want to mislead you about our size, we’re only 3 members now ㅠㅠ but i really want to get big enough to do the (stupid) pov titan challenge

Come check us out, if you’re still interested we’d love to have you. Anyone from your dying alliance is welcome too~

We’ve grown a little more, up to 5 members now and fighting our first 4 star titan~ come join and help us grow!

No rank/level/messenger requirements! Wars optional, just a laid back alliance for anyone looking to grow, teach, or take a break~

We’ve grown some more, up to 7 active members now but there’s plenty of room for anyone who’s looking for a relaxed alliance. All levels welcome, no rank/level/cup requirement, and no external messenger either. Wars optional, titans a priority!

Come and grow with us!

Also i want to shout out to all of the players who have helped us with titans in the last week! We really appreciate all the help you’ve given us!

Taserface (2 times^^)
Antico *
Jojacks *
D’Artignan *
Dekusan9999 *
Pushinya *

-* didn’t get a chance to thank you guys in game, sorry I missed you

Cheers to all of you for your help!
If anyone wants their name removed dm and I’ll take them down

Mods i hope this kind of thing is ok~

Now that PoV is almost done, anyone looking for a relaxed alliance to join and grow in is welcome with us! No rank/level/messenger requirements, and wars are optional. Come and grow with us!

Looking for some active players to help take out titans and get some experience in wars.

No level/rank/messenger requirements! Titans a priority, wars optional. Come and grow with us!

Hey everyone~

We’ve grown quite a bit, but had a few players move on to different things so we’re looking for new recruits looking to get stronger together~

No rank/level/messenger requirement! Wars optional, titans more of a priority~ come and grow with us!

Cheers, and stay safe and healthy^^

Looking for some new members who want a laid back alliance with the opportunity to learn and grow. Recently cleaned house of some inactives so we’ve got plenty of spots~

No rank/level/messenger requirement! Wars optional, titans more of a priority~ come and grow with us!


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