Killer pandaz seeking active players

Killer Pandaz :panda_face: is looking for 3 active players to join our ranks. We are a friends and family alliance with great people who work to get better while having fun. We are motivated to grow and looking for players motivated to grow as well. 3800+ tp, 2000+ cups, and a desire to grow your own team as well as the alliance gets you through the door. We believe that active participation is important to getting better, and as such is required. We are active in chat and use Line but Line is not a requirement. We are disciplined in wars and using all war flags is a must if not opted out. Currently taking down 10* - 11* titans.

We are a fun and supportive group who love to joke around and help each other. We encourage and value creativity in gameplay and are always looking for new ways to be better. Martinis, pun jokes, and barking at the moon are also encouraged. Check us out in game or message through Line for more info. We look forward to hearing from you!

Line ID: meow31415

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