Killed titan. Not appearing in activity

Killed 2 star titan alone. Not appearing in activity log and did not receive rewards.

I have run in to where it’s like a 5-minute delay between the Titan dying and getting rewards. Then, it’s another short delay before the activity shows up in the logs. I see you posted about 20 minutes ago, have you still not received any loot, and/or is the activity log still missing that activity?

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Activity log will only show 3 star items and up. Maybe all the items the titan dropped were 1 and 2 star. If that’s the case it won’t even register.

When you don’t get any 3* items from titan rewards, it registers in the log but the loot box is empty.

It only happens when titans escape or when your clan loses the war. Something like in this image:


OP said titan was killed. Activity log should show at least one gem in the reward box.

Hi @IAmLollie, and welcome to the forum. I realize recruiting can be really hard, but recruitment posts really should be kept to the #alliance-recruitment section of the forum unless the original poster (OP) of a thread starts explicitly asking for alliances to join.

If everyone started using bugs and issues threads or general discussion threads as places to drop alliance recruitment ads, they’d all turn into long strings of advertisements very fast.

Feel free to create a recruitment thread and then quote/@ people who you think might be interested from within that thread. They will get a notification of your post if you do that and can respond or not depending on their interest.

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