Killed opponent but zero score

I had a great fight in a war, finalized my ooponent and received a zero score.
This has been happening around i have been readjng but just happened to me.
Not fun at all
In the end i los a war flag, lost 92 points for my alliance and got frustrated.
Please see about fixing this issue, when we attack and win a raid, titan or war fight it should be able to compute and send the victory even if there is a drop on the connection. But im literally at home and this happened, just frustrating to spend time and energy, to win a tight match but receive a zero score.

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I also had this happen to me last night. Worse was that the last hero killed was still alive and then my team was shown as used as my energy was also shown as used.

This just happend to me as well. I won the fight but the connection had troubles and i got 0 points and used up my team. Pls fix this. It’s such a cool game but this sucks tbh.

Please contact Game Support about this error:

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