Killed by a defeated hero

The extend of making you lose tournament battles so you will spend gems to continue is out of control.
I just got killed by a defeated heros special who wasn’t resurrected and got 0 points aswell like wtf are you guys doing. Corruption like this is the reason ppl quit spending money on a fixed game.

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Could you make a screenshot?
It could help identify all the facts in your situation.

I was not recording so i cant show the specific act

“Draw” GAME … We should win half of the Trophies

Was Heimdall a part of the enemy’s defense? There is currently a visual glitch that heroes that are revived by Heimdall are just visible on the very next turn:

Or maybe there was a hero of the helheim realm on the enemy team? They give damage to all enemies when they die.

No i saw clearly the special from mitsuko with the fan in the middle doing over 400 damage when she died before and i wouldnt get 0 points with 1 dead enemy

Yes that could be the case but still if i cant see her i cant kill her and tiles go through her so its still affecting my score

Can you outline the following:

  1. What your attack team was
  2. what their defence team was
  3. who had fired their specials off at that stage?
  4. how many of your heroes were already dead?


Hard for us players to help without any info about what happened; A video would have been ideal but hindsight is 20-20

Give screnshoot ur opponent defensr and ur attack team so we can guess what happenef

I have several times lost a battle because of counter attacks as the opponent died. This should at least be a draw, but technically, the opponent died first, then I was killed by residual counter attack. Giving me the loss is unfair.

As you are the attacker, you have to survive when all enemies are dead. There is no remis, so you lose. Same if the timer runs down to 0.

Keep an eye on the buffs of your opponent next time.

Happened to me, too.

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