Kill time option


I find myself constantly logging on and still having to wait before I’m able to do anything. Sometimes this wait is only 5 minutes or so and I only have a ten minute break.
I would like a gameplay option with an endless jewel board. Nothing really comes of it but the mindlessly play while waiting for other things to finish or reload.


Nice idea, though I believe most people in game would suggest Global Chat is already that :slight_smile:

Among other things I suppose haha.


Well I can understand that. Then there are people like myself that don’t like to talk to others unless necessary.


I like it. Maybe try for some sort of high score for the fun of it?


I like the idea…but would we be fighting a team of five? A Titan? Our choice of either? Hmmm…


Like an endless run of enemies


Another interesting option might be to be able to fight your own defense team.
This would also allow you to test different defense teams, which would be cool too.


@Petri @RubiKinga @mhalttu

This this this, oh my goodness this. I feel like this would help solve SOOO many issues with the game and be a huge overall improvement.


I’m just too addicted on this game, if they do this i guess my wife just divorce.


Right. That would be great.
I pretty much just need something to waist my time in rhe bathroom. And sometimes my reload time doesn’t line up with bathroom time


I am all for this.
Perfect example of what I would like.


Global chat is a crapshow of nonsense and people pretending to role-play but really just be annoying. It’s nothing resembling entertainment.


If you’re responding to a certain individual please reply on that individuals post so they know you’re responding to them.


Give the man a prize for the best suggestion posted on these boards for a long time :sunglasses:


While that may be true, who are you responding to in this thread?


I was responding to the post above that suggest global chat was a good way to mindlessly enjoy the game.

Sadly for anyone who wants to do something IN OR ABOUT THE GAME, It’s not - I would expect the global chat of a game to actually be about the game. Not random theater geeks giving hugs through the keyboard and role-playing. On every other game forum/chat I’ve seen, there’s an off-topic section for that. To me, the global chat of a game should be about the game. Other stuff goes off topic. When I first started it was EXTREMELY frustrating to try and ask a question and have any potential reply scroll by before I could even read it because it’s buried in crappy role-playing. I eventually gave up trying to get help on things there.


Heh, that comment was 5 weeks ago, and note the smiley = somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

GC isn’t what it used to be, I haven’t gone back in a while and even Peer Support is starting to get overrun by things that should be in off topic or global or alliance recruitment.

I don’t know there’s any good resolution to it short of direct moderation.

Anyway that was all off topic to the discussion at hand too I suppose haha.


Agreed; when I joined in April, GC was all experienced players helping the new ones get a leg up on the game.

Over time, GC was overrun by trolls, roleplayers, and sometimes lechers. I think many of the great players of the game grew fed up with the steady stream of General Crap that flowed. Which is too bad, since their absence seems to only have encouraged the slide.

I will say that it’s gotten better since about a month ago; Im looking for a return to that high point I once experienced. Hopefully we’ll all see that. :slight_smile: