Kill off alliances

When I say kill off alliances I don’t mean active ones. I mean dead ones. Alliance recruitment is insane. There are active players sitting in dead alliances that could benefit from going somewhere else but don’t realize it because the alliance they are in is silent due to inactivity. Few different ways of choosing which alliances need to be killed off (Auto disbanded)

  1. if the lead has been inactive for 6 months.
  2. If the alliance has no co leads for 6 months
  3. If the alliance members total inactivity time combined adds up to 5 years

I know some ppl don’t mind being in a dead alliance and I understand that ppl don’t even use chat but there are just too many alliances and too many ppl quitting the game because the don’t understand the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because more ppl are working at it.

Also just a thought how about a lvl requirement to start an alliance… lvl 5s who just downloaded the game for the first time have no business leading an alliance. they are just a dead alliance in the making

This has been requested here:


Please see thread linked above for continued discussion and voting.

As this thread is a duplicate, it will be closed.

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