Kill Elite Enemies


So the POV daily is kill 10 Elite enemies.

When playing Season 1, map 7, level 5 as example, there are green Elite Enemies.

The level has 4 waves with 3 / 3 / 3 / 2 (bosses)

Each enemy is listed as an Elite enemy on the map description, why do you only get 9 when completing it?

Shouldnt it be 11?

Was wondering the same then i realized the last two are bosses and dont count.

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They should cause if you look at the map legend it states Elite enemies, and the Bosses picture is there.

Same as this, havent checked with this level though.

Good Catch. I believe they put it up to help to identify the stage with elite enemies.
I agree its a bit confusing.
Still the bosses are a different type of enemy.


This is also true of S1: 8-4. The last two bosses don’t count so you only get 9 kills for 3 x 3 waves.

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Well, bosses are bosses, and elite enemies are normal mobs with mana bar…

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Search function is a wonderful invention :slight_smile:

Not only does the following thread identify WHERE you can find elite enemies it also differentiates between Bosses and Elite Enemies…

The tag naming Elite enemies is centered above all three pictures, thus if it is valid for pic one, then it should be for pic 3.

A boss is also an enemy in my book.


Be thankful they didn’t specify kill 10 Elite BOSS enemies. That would be even more tedious.

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Please follow the link provided by @Guvnor for further discussion :+1:


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