Kihona and Wukong stacking?

Simple question, since Wukong doesn’t stack with Brienne, and Kihona’s special is in the same family… anybody know if WK and Kihona’s specials stack?

Wukong do stack with Brienne, and of course Khiona. Wukong att buff is not a regular att buff, it stack with every other attack buff.

Khiona and boldtusk don’t stack, but wu stacks with everyone, because the others are purely attack buffs but his brings a chance to miss which is a different ability.

Attack buffs that won’t stack with each other: bear banner, dragon banner, Kiril, Brienne, Boldtusk, Khiona, Zimkitha etc

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Yes they do :slight_smile:

Proof below

Had mok, khiona and wu at 84% attack then triggered Wu. :smiley:

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