Kicked players cant return


Does any one else experience this?

If you kick a player for any reason, when they try to request to join again, you can’t see the join request, and they can’t rejoin until you switch the setting from Invite Only to Open.

This has happened to us three times now. (Misfit Toys) Has this happened to anyone else?


There’s a cooldown, just to prevent abuse. They can re-apply in a few hours. :slight_smile:


Yes, it has been going on for quite some time. Either you open the alliance or that player has to wait some time to reapply.

It also occurs when you deny by accident you deny entry to a player. You have to do the same procedure.


This player from last night had been gone for more than a week. I know about the cool-down, I’m asking about this other thing. :wink:

As I said, this is the third or so time it’s happened (gone longer than a week, only solution that worked was to change “Invite Only” to Open). Just curious. Thanks!


A week? and had not applied for an application before?

Have you requested access only in your alliance? Or had he asked for it in another?

When you request two alliances and admit you in one, the same thing happens


For at least one of them:

  • Had been in our alliance
  • Left
  • Been in another alliance
  • Returned to rejoin

I know if I have kicked a player and they return, I must switch to Open (even after four hours pass).

I assumed that was to protect alliances against players who change names and try to sneak back in (I approve of protection!)


@Rook kicked me out and made me cry.


It was the cooldown.

I had requested an invite, while waiting (come on on Rook 3 hours?!?! haha I kid I kid), hopped in a different alliance since they needed a bit of help on a titan, and then when that was done on the reapplication got the nasty message about not being able to perform that action at that time.

Might consider a different error message but that’s what it was.


Rev, you better kid! Lol


If you get kicked for being for not being active or missing titan how crazy are you to think you get back in.
I had one this morning missed titan again asked if he can join why he got kicked yeah
You miss titan 3 times normally 2 to got flags dont hit but come on after titan gone lol


Our standards are well known (miss 2 consecutive Titans without leave, kick); sometimes however, for any of a number of reasons, we’ll say goodbye to a player in good standing. These players are welcome back at a later time. :wink:


It’s not easy being a competitive alliance leader. I hated myself most days for kicking people.