Kicked out of wars and unable to rejoin

Good day to you
My friend CompiCZ participated several wars in Dragon Family alliance since he was able to, but then he was kicked from the wars and was unable to join last few wars. Now he decided to try joining another alliance to try if he will be able to join in wars there or not, since he needs the loot from wars. But we really want to play together in Dragon Family alliance, as we have other friends there.
What may cause it and how he can rejoin (the participate button not working, he can hit it, but still can´t get to war)

I’d check this list to start:

If none of those causes apply, then I’d suggest contacting Support:


Thank you for fast reply
I wrote here because i only can see advices there, but no place to write report about my problems, nor i can reply to anything written there. I am not good with using sites like these, it takes me almost half hour to find out how to write it here. I am dumb in these things, i know.
I checked that list, but found nothing that fit this situation
He left alliance after not being able to do wars, He already waged wars, so all the points in meaning not yet joined wars are off here. He showed me it (i know him personally) when he was kicked from wars, so i saw that he had full defense team, and he braged to me that he made a new score record the last time he was able to do the wars, so I know he was active.

You’re welcome!

Definitely sounds like some strange issue.

If he wants to figure out what had caused it, he could contact Support directly, since you weren’t able to. I’m not sure how much they’d be able to tell you anyway, it probably makes more sense for him to contact them directly.

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He is delaying to write there himself because of his graduation exams. He wanted to solve these problems afterwards, but i wanted to help him :slight_smile: Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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