Kicked off server while attacking in war

How do I get through to SG? I was kicked off the server while attacking in our latest alliance war and I was on track for a personal best score!
This has been happening rather frequently lately.
I demand satisfaction!

This has directions for contacting support:

Unfortunately, you’re right. Judging by forum posts, this issue comes up regularly, as this random smattering of posts shows:

…and there are plenty more where that came from.

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Is there a master thread for War disconnects? Or just close as duplicates?)


Duplicate thread. Please refer to the links posted by Zephyr1 for more information. Post there to continue the discussion. :slight_smile:

For new issues, please see: 📵 Disconnected During War Attack / Network Connection Problem Caused Lost Attack, Flag, and Heroes in AW / Scored 0 Points on War Hit Due to Dropped Server Connection / Game Crashed and I lost my War Hit [MASTER]

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