Kicked from battle, ZERO pts awarded

During the current war, I attacked an opponent and had said opponent on ropes, having only lost one hero and they had 3 crippled remaining. Just before a sure victory I was kicked from server and was awarded zero points. The opponent finished with full health for all heroes, erasing all damage I had done. I lost my hit, wasted my heroes, and have nothing to show for it. Give me back my hit, since they had full health or at least award me points for the damage I inflicted. This actually wastes 2 hits for my alliance, since someone has to attack them again at full strength. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Turn off your wifi next time. I had same problem from different places, no issues now that it’s off wifi from my experiences.


I wish that were the case. I am off wifi, using a 5G network. That still doesn’t explain getting zero points. I returned to battlefield immediately afyer the kick and could see myself still attacking him. A second later, it shows zero points. Even if I had left voluntarily, I would still get SOME points.

Frustrating to say the least.


I have the same situation yesterday, my wi-fi escape for 2-3 sec and I was kicked out of game. No points and used heroes. If you sure it was a bug send in game “help ticket”

This is a connection problem has nothing to do with E&P server at all.
The game needs a stable connection of amount of strenght must be same not less otherwise your game will be crushed.
Next time if you have a 4G connection run it and turn off the WIFI. Cause cell phones auto pick WIFI on Phone data any time … the changes between both connections type will make you lose the connection to the server which make the system gives a 0 results and consider your battle never happened to your opponent only.

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I play with a WiFi on connection. The teams or speed is not the problem it is the game it self.

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