Kicked for inactivity

So there i was typing up several paragraphs in alliance chat, and just when I’m about done I get a kicked for inactivity popup and lose everything. Wft? Is this something new? If so i think it sucks. Just my 2 cents. End of rant

weird. I chat a lot…been playing 9 months constantly on and not always playing and never once did the inactivity thing come up. Maybe you type really slow lol

You might try typing it in OneNote or whaterver app you use then just paste to chat.

The only thing that makes sense here is your internet stopped whilst you where typing and game back on when you clicked enter in your chat and because you didn’t relise it your game in the background became idle which is why that message pops up when you when to enter your text.

It’s happened once or twice to me but as a tech myself I understand hiw these things work.

Other thsn that I have spend hiurs typing long messages in chats and never had a time out issue at all.


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Definitely what @hondohardin said. This game’s chat is poopy. Single line, hard to read over, etc. Much easier to type longer messages into a different application, then paste into E&P chat.

Plus its easier to self edit😁 I save messages that I know I’m gonna repeat, such as use war flags, hit the titan, etc, that way I don’t always have to be creative.

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I agree @hondohardin , I too have standard messages along with colour formatting in a separate editor to be cut and pasted in when required.