Kicked due to servers

It’s annoying when your in the middle of a battle like I was doing lvl 14 legendary in the event, almost finish then to be kicked due to servers at maximum capacity, anyone who is in a battle should not be kicked due to server space. So I lost the flags plus battle items with a decent board. What a joke the game can be at times, maybe stop more ppl joining instead of kicking people who are already in a battle etc. Also maybe stop the time factor in the events, it’s always the top players getting the good loot. Absolutely not fair for the cheap or free to play players. But I guess it’s the same as any other game, it’s all geared to the players who spend stupid amounts.

There is a new thread requesting longer time before timeout. Not sure if this will fix your issue.

If this will fix your issue, or at least part of it please vote for it

Been kick out TWICE just this morning while in battle. Been happening a LOT the last 10-14 days. The last update didn’t fix it either. Please fix lag times, game stoppage, & disconnects.