Kick member out before war ends

Kill member out before war ends
Will he/she still get war point after war has ended?

Do you mean they left the alliance?

As soon as you leave the alliance you lose all war chest progress.

War chest progress is reset if you leave and return.

Sorry, mispelling
meant as “kicking member out before war ends”
member was participating in war, never use a single flag or just use a single flag.
Kick member out just before war ends.
will member still get point?

If their team is on the battlefield then the enemy can still attack the kicked team.

The kicked member will get no war chest points.

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thanks for clarifying

Rumor has it the Devs are changing this.

So the War chest progress will reset when you participate in war with another alliance. You could leave and rejoin the same alliance as many times as you want. Maybe even be in Spectator Mode for another alliance.

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Spectator mode wouldn’t count towards participation. At least I’m sure it won’t. But could be surprised

what about member that has been kicked but still opt in the war? how to make them opt out?

Once they’re kicked, they’re gone from the alliance.

But it wouldn’t be fair on the enemy if they couldn’t be attacked in that war because they couldn’t score the full amount of points.