☀ Khufu (a.k.a Khafre) – Season 5 Hero – 5* Fire / Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Hannah being VF (for the 1st charge anyway) reduces the enemies attack whilst they have a fiend. Comes in very handy & u wud be surprised how much it takes the attack down to !!


I deal with Khufu sometimes with Sif and Ludwig, sometimes with Kingston and his huge attack debuff (about -54%).

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I dont know if this is the right spot for this but i have a question:

When raiding against Khufu, I use Bastet and when she dodges his special, the animation stops and the chain doesnt happen.

If i use Margaret, if the dodge takes effect, the chain still occurs. Why doesnt the chain stop with Margaret but it stops with Bastet?

They don’t want those old heroes being effective against the new ones! You have to do some more pulls baby and land a Bastet! LOL!

Seriously though, I think it’s a bug. Someone has logged it already and I’m sure it will get fixed.


Shouldn’t happen like that? Margaret should have stopped the chain from happening. Maybe a bug?

The bug report was not commented again in 30 days, so automatically locked.

This was opened up after. I would like to say it’s a known issue, except that staff has not classified either bug as a known issue. Just that they are investigating.


Thank you friends, i did find that thread and i thought it was fixed or something but i guess not. Margaret/Bastet is my answer to the likes of Anne and Khufu but everytime i think I have a little advantage (mostly against Khufu) I apparently don’t. I would think I’d never get hit with her being a rogue but apparently not :smiling_face_with_tear::face_exhaling:

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He’s just one of the ridiculous OP chars they keep releasing.

This is the direction of the game unfortunately. He’s not even the worst out there now and doenst really compare to Jove and Anne IMO

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Khufu is slowly falling behind as THE OP hero in the game !! At least when the Khuf hits u can heal yourself with no ramifications but Anne !! If u try to heal yourself u get further ailments !! Khufu isn’t the most to fear anymore & he’s slow !!! In fact I’d go soo far as to say we need heroes like Khuf to combat the new OP heroes being released !!

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Is he any good on offence? Ofc i know he is great on defence (when paired correctly). Thank you

He’s not much compared to the new Ninjas coming out.

Im waiting for our first “ultra fast” mana hero that charges in 4 tiles.

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He’s decent on offense. He takes a long time to charge and by then the “chain” is broken most of the time… and I do think he’s useful in PvE too.

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Pulled a second dupe. How many copies of him do you think are useful? I am debating if one is enough…

Decided to try my luck… got him in a single 10-pull along with Ma’at.


Found in my watchtower


I know this may be late, but is he supposed to be getting a costume and why was his name changed?

I think all of s5 will get a costume… Not that they need it.

No clue about the name. At this point I’ve gotten my 2 from s5. If i get more, thanks just gravy.

At some point they will all get a costume. I know Khufu used to be my top hero. Now it terms of that power point thing in the middle of the card he is sixth.

It’s becoming all about mana gen. & firing 1st. The specials are so OP & do so many things just firing once can sometimes mean the difference between victory and defeat. That’s why I’m considering levelling Ithor for that very reason. Those types of specials that allow u to come back from a bad start (enemy firing 1st) are becoming more & more crucial. Obv. if u have the latest, greatest & harder hitting heroes then it won’t matter as much for us mere mortals out there, Ithor & the like can help to come back from a bad start. In that respect didn’t the devs say they want to make it so that in the game if u have a bad start u have a chance to get back into the battle hence the emphasis on higher stats & not so high specials. Nice thought & sentiments but it kinda fires out the windows when u release the recent batch of OP’s that not only have insane stats. but absolutely devastating specials. Bit long winded I know but still, it was supposed to be about Khufu being slow & how his stats USED to enable him to resist damage just enough to fire being slow but nowadays he’s decimated before he can fire. Usual process then, bang a costume on him that increases his stats, increase his special by a few % instead of a rework of the special (cop out IMO) & put behind a paywall. Final word is come on guys, shouldn’t a costume be a different special instead of just a little increase of numbers!!