Khonshu versus Khepri?

I saw that this has been asked before: Khonshu or khepri?

But I was genuinely curious to see if opinions remain the same?

After a stint of about 50 pulls from Black Friday with no 5 :star: heroes, followed by another 40 pulls from saved coins in Dunes (S5) portal, I figured what the heck, and used my final 100 dunes coins from the bonus chest for the ever popular “one last pull”, and out pops Khepri!

  • Khepri
  • Khonshu

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I had been holding out for another Dark hitter, and I was in the midst of working on Khonshu (currently 3^66). I will most likely build them both out at some point, but, who goes first?

Khonshu → Already higher level, generally good for raiding with high tile damage and v fast speed. RE: Barbarian Emblems, I currently have 1,350 and I was intending to work on Black Knight as my next barbarian, so was already not happy about giving them to Khonshu…

Khepri → Unique mechanic, and powerful when used right (I prefer rainbow raiding anyway), average speed can be made fast with the right troops. I have the Ranger emblems ready to go, and the only other hero waiting for them was Morel who is actually pretty low priority (since I already use c Finley for def down most of the time).

My preference is to switch to Khepri, but I would welcome other people’s thoughts and comments!

Khepri is way better hero then Khonshu.Khonshu is a sniper, Khepri attacks 3 heroes plus he gave fiend bombs that are dealing 300-900-1200-900-300 damage after 3 turns.

Definitely do not agree. While Khepri has the potential to dish out a lot of damage, it’s very very delayed. Most battles are over before the bombs get to go off as Khepri on top the 3 turn delay is also average speed. Khonshu on the other hands is very fast and dish out amazing damage AND gains 50% mana if the opponent dies so he can basically charge in 3 tiles continuously if used properly.

Are you fooling yourself when you think an Average hero can become Fast one? 44% mana gen is insane condition.
Abt your question. I’d like to say depends on your War level. Khonshu can break or slow deadly combo while Khepri can make a big burst when the fiends explode. Last thing is they both not the best choice of valuation but stil worth the mats atm

You don’t need 44% mana gen to make an average hero fast. You just need 25%. 10 tiles / 1,25 = 8 tiles.

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I think Khepri is a sleeper and a surprise. When those scarab bombs go off it’s awesome. I’m not sure which one gets ascended first, but long-term they are both worth it IMO.

I am pretty sure nobody is talking about making him actually fast, it´s about going from 4 to 3 matches (9 tiles) which is nearly the same as fast.

Anyway Hard to say: I have them both and play them together, When Khepri goes off he often leaves some bits alive and it´s really fun mopping up with konshu as he only needs 3 tiles to recharge.

Khepri is of course slower than he looks as most of his damage doesn´t come when you get 9 tiles, but only another 3 turns later. Against strong defenses you can be dead before that happens. Khonshu always fires, so you can usually kill someone who is already damaged by some tiles, but often it´s not enough to kill 1 enemy to survive especially since it is rather random where the tiles are that can do damage…

So I don´t have a clear advice on which one to do first. Khonshu is probably the easier hero to just throw into a team, nothing special to think about. simply the best cleaner hero in the game :slight_smile: Khepri needs more thought, because he is more similar to slow heroes. And when attacking teams with healers it needs some strategy to make sure the healer doesn´t fire for the next 3 turns.

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As a Khepri owner I vote for Khepri, He is doing better in war defence and regular raid defence in tank position. I tried C(2) obakan tank and Khepri tank in war and Khepri did better then obakan. His fiend damage after 3 turns is massive and if healer is not ready he will wipe 3 hero’s for sure.

Khonshu is great because he is very fast and if you have a fast purple team he will be good addition to it.

Both are from same moon family and passives are same too. Speed wise definitely Khonshu wins but special skill wise I say Khepri is great. Overall it’s based on your roster and game play :blush:

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As a defender, I find Khepri scarier than Khonshu for me. On offense, Khonshu is amazing, but Khepri is a ticking time bomb and can setup the team to win. I personally like Khepri.

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