Khiona's special skill not working?



Good day to all.

Have noticed that Khiona’s special skill doesn’t affect on damage that deal specials of damagers like Sartana.
First video Sartana(without buffs) hit’s Aeron on 590:

Second video Sartana(with Khiona buff + aftet 2 hits from enemies) hit’s Aeron(with Vivika buff) on 540!:

Khiona’s buff affect only on regular damage by stones/puzzles.

Is it correct work of Khina’s special skill?

Khiona’s special is not unique, Brienna has identical.

Let’s check same Breinne special:

And yes. Brienne’s special icreasing damage from specials of damagers.

So, Dear SG team, should HoTM Khiona be fixed?


Second time Aeron has defence increased by Vivica +63% . First time there aren’t that. That’s why Sartana does less damage with Khiona. Without Khiona she would have done much less.


Yeah, sure. Check video once more:
defence from Vivica 63%
atack boost from Khiona is +45% and +20% +20% after two hits from Vivica and Aeron, total +85%


But what is Aeron’s defence? That effects, that attack as well. You don’t show, that in video. If Sartana did’t have that Khionas attack increase, you would have done around 250 damage.


Ok, check on monters without defence buff:

803 damage with Khiona’s buff
773 without buff.
30 damage points is not a 45% increasing.


One more video from raids.
Same conditions.
without buff 553
with buff 633


I agree, that both of those don’t have +45% attack. Expecially that level one. Don’t know, if it’s bug or are those still in some range, where attacks variate.
But if that first video you posted, didn’t have attack increase, that would mean, that Vivica’s defence increase would’t work either.


if so, then Khiona’s special is just pathetic.


What am I missing? Last raid video is correct, I mean, Khiona increases Sartana attack values

first attack: 791 AND that +356 (which is exactly 45% of 791)

if you’re expecting a +45% in damaging, well, I don’t think that’s the way it works.

(but with Khiona’s special your Sartana is surely 8% more efficient against Aeron (663 vs. 553)


Who can explian how does it works?
Decription say +45% to atack, but finaly damage increase is only 8-10%, ■■■?


look what Sartana description says: deals 452% DAMAGE. that’s the keyword.

damage comes after an attack, and it’s obviously related to the attack values she has at the moment you’re using her.

now look again Khiona’s card: get +45% ATTACK (not damage)

seeing now the difference?


I see difference, but I can’t calculate damage from atack stats considering to oponent’s def stats



Thanks for calculation and explanation, but I’m still sure that Khiona’s special skill is not working correctly.


As I see there will be no response for this topic.


Developers do read this part of the forums religiously but rarely reply. I expect that SGG has looked at this and, if there is a bug, will fix it in the next patch.

But do recognize that in the damage calculation (linked above) there is a random component in all attacks that could account for some fairly large differences.


@Kerridoc thanks for your attantion.
I’m already disappointed by Khiona. I agree that damage calculation depends on random component. But if so, why we cant see, may be rare times, but we have to see damage increaced for 45%.
I’ll humble if will see at least one time kick from shooter +45% with Khiona buff.
Unfo seems it’s not real.


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