Khiona vs Zim

Hey everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I’ve played since about May, and I have only a few 5*. I recently had the sheer luck of getting Zim (and a lil Oberon) off a single token. I already have Khiona at 3/70.

While I know they don’t take the same ascension mats, I really want to make sure that the 5* I do ascend are here long haul and can be used in a variety of situations. I’m practically a FTP user. I may get enough mats to ascend a single 5* in each color and enjoy them.

My goals are to have two teams, an attack and defense teams. (Beside all my AW attack teams)

Would Zim and Khiona just be the same thing and not worth ascending both? Should I wait around for my TC20 to give me a different 5* in those colors?

I’ll post my roster below. Thank you for any insight!!

Zim is the red version of Zeline, but with cleanse.
NOT the same, and it is absolutely worth ascending both and using both together.
Khiona’s attack boost will make Zim horrific for any team you face. :slight_smile:

Level them both as soon as you have the materials. I personally place Zim a little higher than Khiona because she clears negative status effects.


They’re both great heroes and you’ll use them a lot. Just remember that their buffs displace each other so if you’re using them on the same team fire Zim first then khiona. Khiona has the bigger attack buff so you want her buff to replace the Zim buff. I have them both and I plan to ascend both of them to max. Zim is my only 5* red though so I’m locked in either way.

EDIT: I would ascend some 4* reds first though before ascending Zim if I was you. Gormek or Falcon seem like a good choice.

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I think G. Falcon will be my next red focus, no point rushing Zim and letting her sit at 3/70 forever until I get a few more rings. I really like Conan as a defense corner, though.

I think I may make my next overall focus be Rigard, he’ll be really good on defense. I’m DEFINITELY holding out for another 5* blue, even though I do have the ascension mats. Sorry, Thorne :wink:

I have G Falcon, and I think Kitty at 3^70 will be better given your roster. Falcon moved me from low platinum to raiding just in to diamond, but that was as Gravemaker’s wingman. You do not have a lead dog red to make that incremental leap.

Khiona should be first with Joon right behind. The red feeders should be held out for Zim while everything else goes to your best 5s. And ignore the 4s as you have what you need u less Wu pops up.

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