Khiona vs Victor

I almost have the materials to full ascend my first 5 star hero. I was looking at either Khiona or Victor. The things I enjoy most are PVE aspect (Events) and PVP. Titans are ok but not a number one focus. My current team is Khiona 3/58 Hansel 4/70 Bloodtusk 4/70 Boril 4/70 and Drake Fong 3/39. I did mess around with Victor in the last war and found him to be pretty OP at 1/44 but that might have just been luck.

20 text…

Raids use Victor
Titans use Khiona


Not a question of one OR the other. I use them together.

Victor needs to be maxed to get his DOT to max. Khiona’s special needs only be 8/8, so she can be raised to 3^70 while you get mats.

Forgot to mention the troop supporting Vic should be a mana troop you have close to or at level 11.

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Thanks I fully ascended Victor and start working on troops then. I have Purple Mana Troops at 5/11 so not to far to go.

Farther in ham than you may think. And oh the dead troops you must leave behind. Soylent purple.

But, it is the best use of a resource if it gains you that tile.

Good luck

If your troop is at lvl 5, getting to 11 will take time. Like month(s) possibly. Troop upgrade is a slow and long process especially as you can only upgrade with said color.

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