Khiona Vs Tiburtus ascension

I currently have Khiona at 3/70 and Tiburtus at 3/60, I have 5/6 tabards and just got 4/4 trap tools. I don’t know whether to ascend Tiburtus now I have the mats, or wait for the last tabard and ascend Khiona first as it takes me a long time to collect trap tools.

As Khiona is 5* I will probably end up using her more for the pure power, however I use Boldtusk and Kiril in a lot of my teams so her attack buff is less useful, also Tiburtus is my only defense debuffer.

For further information, other heroes that I get a good amount of use out of are; Caedmon, Sonya, Danzaburo, Li Xiu, Melendor, Rigard, Bane, Nashgar, plus Lianna and Musashi on the sidelines as longer term projects.

Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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It sounds like Tiburtus will be more useful right away at this point in the game for you.


I will also recommend Tibs first… Khiona could work fine at 3.70 for a while eventually you get other 4 trap tools pretty soon and next Tabard quest (Morlovia) will be in about three weeks… Tibs could actually be more helpful at your current stage at game…


I have both and they have awesome synergy together in a purple stack. Tiburtus -> Khiona fired in that order is devastating, and both being average speed means they’ll both charge at the same time (lest delay or negative mana ailments interfere).

I’d suggest Tiburtus first, because defense down is really that good to have. It makes otherwise tough to take down enemies much easier to take down.

Besides it sounds like you really need more purple depth in your bench, and Tiburtus is faster to max :slight_smile:


As the others suggest, Tibs first as you dont have any other defense down hero leveled.

Khiona is great but trap tools do come in alot of more frequently.

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Since I love Khiona and use her on my 4350 War defence, I’m going to say go for the big gal first. She’ll be a difference maker right away. And by the time she’s 4-80 it’s not inconceivable that you’ll be close to having the mats to run Tibs


A difficult one, but in my honest opinion a maxed Tiburtus working with Khiona at 3/70 will still be awesome and get you the replacement mats fairly quickly. So go with Tiburtus, good luck


Thanks all, looks like maxing Tiburtus now is my best bet and hopefully will nearly have the mats for Khiona when he’s done. Then just need to max out Rigard and my purple stack will be coming along nicely :smiling_imp:

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