Khiona or Victor on defense? Who do I choose, and why?

So, the title says it all…

Khiona or Victor for my defense?

Albie, Marjana, Guin, Khiona , Magni
Albie, Victor, Guin , Magni, Marjana

I’ve asked on LINE, but haven’t got much advice yet…

I have maxed victor but i don’t think he is very useful to takedown enemy faster. His dot effect is slow. Not suitable of my playstyle whose need to take down enemies quickly.

I don’t have khiona, since i have maxed victor and don’t really satisfied with him then i suggest you for khiona

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Thanks for the advice, Khiona is in my current defense, and doing well. But, I just maxed Victor and I have the itch to use him!

@Doosher this is best way… I’ll recommend this team

That is my current lineup, besides Khiona and Magni being switched. Two votes for the Khionathon!!

Magni =appear
Khiona =Rear
Depend how to lvl up this hero’s
I’ll hope full level up this hero’s
Have a nice day buddy


You might switch marj and Khiona, so that khionas buff is applied to 3. Other than that, red hot team

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Thanks folks, I appreciate the input!

Albie, Magni, Guin, Khiona , Marjana
will be my preference

Facing teams with victor and khiona, i would say khiona gives more trouble. But neither are top notch for defence.

Neither are great but Victor is better as he is very fast mana and buffs the whole team.

Khiona is only average mana so her chances of even launching are not great. She is much better for offense.

Conclusion: Victor

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you are right, probably victor is better, khiona harder to kill. I forgot victor buff the entire team. Sometimes, team with victor is really hard to kill. khiona can one shot kill some 4* though.

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I kept Khiona for now, her buff really helps my snipers!

I just got Sartana out of my TC20, so she is now my focus! Evil Smurfette hits hard!!


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