Khiona or Panther?

Just got 2 Khiona’s with 10x elemental.

Have got Panther too. Off course they must all be at least 2 60 and when enough material 3 70.

Which one deserves to be at 4 first? I don’t see anything to decide who’s better.

Panther. Debuff is crucial

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I already got Zeline nearly max.

Panther 100% for 20 chars

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Another vote for Panther

Elemental defense debuff is must have.

Panther. Obviously. ■■■. 20 characters.

Can someone explain why Panther for the debuff if someone already nearly maxed out Zeline. Also debuffer. It seems to me that part is covered and the damage will count?

She has a dark defense debuff. Deadly against holy heroes and Titans. Plus decent dmg.

There’s a mixup in terminology.

Dispell = Remove the enemy buffs.
Debuff = Lower some enemy stat.

Zeline has dispell and attack debuff.
Panther has dispell and elemental armor debuff.

Armor debuffs of any kind are key for titan damage and very good in other aspects of the game.

Panther is the only hero in the game with purple elemental armor debuff.

Therefore you ascend her to max.


I wish I had that kind of doubts…


I also vote for Panther, Khiona looks good, but not as good as Panther. Actually, I’ve mixed feelings about Khiona, since her special does only average damage and her attack buff affects only her and her neighbors and, what’s worse, it lasts only 3 turns. I’ve maxed Greg and his 3-turn critical boost is his limiting factor to be an excellent hero.

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Khiona will be a huge positive for titan hits, pair her with panther and tiburtus, with Wukong or tarlak if you were lucky enough to get him and you’ll do some very good damage

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One more vote for Panther. All the heroes who reduce defense vs. a specific element are incredibly valueable (Panther, Arthur, Jackal, Falcon, green hero?). They stack with regular defense reductions for insane damage on titans and color stacks in raids/wars. Khiona is worth the tabards, but after Panther.

This seems as good a place to ask as any, seeing as I don’t feel my question deserves its own thread…

Currently running panther and sartana at 3.70 (tabbards are the hardest to come by for me. I have 5-8 of all other 4* mats but only three tabbards since I started back in February). I was possibly leaning towards ascending sartana ahead of panther, because the debuff at 3.70 level 8 will work the same as it will at 4.80 (although the damage from the initial special attack will be lower), whereas sartana’s special will be somewhat more damaging at 4.80 than it currently is…

I can’t see myself taking sartana and not panther on any attack (raid, titan or event) or vice versa, but max sartana with 3.70 panther I thought might be more lethal (from a raid perspective. The special attack means less Than the tile damage or utility effects of specials when it comes to titans/events)

Am I kinda right or am I Fkn high for even considering anything other than panther?

@VFROOD not meaning to hijack your thread, but seemed semi relevant to your query as well

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That’s true, but Panther is a bit squishy (low defense), so she might be dead before she can fire her special. So the conundrum is between Panther’s squishiness and Sartana’s low normal attack. I think that I personally would go for Panther, because her special is key, so she needs to survive long enough to fire it.

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There’s a reason the number one ranked player has 2 panthers on his defense team :wink:

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It 100% makes sense to bring them both to 70 as they both have very useful skills.
You 80 Panther 1st and not because she is better but because she naturally has low defense with very high attack and can use the ascension more than Khiona.
They are both fantastic as they are unique heroes and you’ll want to 80 them both.


do banners over ride attack buffs created by heroes?

If the banner affects attack, then yes they do. Not Wu or Tarlak’s though.

Who’s that… Like lol sori I’m kinda new

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