Khiona or Mok-arr

I know that it has been addressed in some very technical threads, but I am on the fence in which one to pull the trigger on. I have both Khiona and Mok. Having some issues on choosing who gets the tabbards. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


45% attack special for Khiona, plus 20% every time she or nearby allies takes a hit up to a max of 144% attack.

Pairs nicely with wilbur who shares damage and adds to the 20% attack when it comes to taking hits.

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Small demo by triggering khiona, wilbur then mok-arr to hit all allies then share the damage.

Thank you for the advice. I am in the process of bringing Wilbur up as well. Greatly appreciated!

no problem. Surround her with fast snipers, and use them also with wilbur to do AoE damage while raiding. :smiley: