Khiona or Khagan? Roster Help Please!

So I am relatively new and I’m trying to decide which of my 5* to ascend first: Khiona or Khagan. Both are at 2-60 now so I’m just planning ahead. Here is my current roster of 4/5*.

Please assume 3-60 for 4* and 2-60 for 5*:

Purple: Khiona, Sabina
Yellow: Wu
Blue: Grimm, Boril, Kiril, Agwe
Green: Hansel, Peters, Caedmon, Melendor, Little John
Red: Khagan, BT

Currently I use Hansel, Khiona, BT, Grimm, Wu for titans. I sub in Sabina when I need a debuffer. I am debating leveling Kiril for the defense team.

What would you do with my current roster?


Max out Sabina, Wu, Grimm, Hansel and BT.
Then work on Khiona, Kiril and Peters.

Leave Khagan at 2/60 and come back here when you have the mentioned maxed out or when you get more 4’a and 5’s to work on. Those 8 should get you into Platinum in raids and 8-9 star titans if used properly.

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I would ascend khiona. I dont like khagan he is slow.

Yellow: ascend Wu füll

Blue first Grimm than kiril

Green first hansel than caedmon

Red BT

Ascend these heroes full

Than the other 4*

Forget khagan for a while maybe you will get a better red

Thanks, this is kind if what I was envisioning. Do I need a different color debuffer or is Sabina good enough alone?

I wish I had more yellow flexibility but Wu was my first 4*, havent gotten any other yellows, and I’m still smitten lol. Sure there are Wu induces losses but the highs are amazing. Was hoping to maybe snag Gretel but no luck.

Khiona. Khagan on the backburner until…well…forever.

I surprised myself when I went back to check some numbers and found Khagan at 2^60 has better stats then BT at 3^60. That pushed me to say Khagan rather than BT if Sabina and Wu are on the team.

BT would leave you with only two shooting heroes. Granted his attack buff will improve the tile numbers from the others, but he is a good tank who also attacks. And you have a healer who debuffs.

Khiona is a hero who does great for me, but I have snipers on both sides for her to buff. You, do not have the firepower yet to use her special to best effect.

If you get Red Hood this week or Gravemaker ever, eiyher will change your game wigh this roster.

Just max your 4* this is the last time I’m going to say it in the forum.

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Purple: Sabina
Yellow: Wu
Blue: Grimm, Kiril
Green: Hansel, Peters, Melendor
Red: BT

Khagan can be left in the drawer. Khiona later since you won’t be able to ascend her for a couple of months.

I personally like Kiril more than BT and you can stack with Grimm. Hansel and Peters are great for titans as they are both mana controllers. Caedmon is better for raids but unnecessary if you are gonna use Mel or Sabina.

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