Khiona or Freya?

This one is a luxury problem. I’m really happy with my purple team, but I will get my 6th tabard at the end of this PoV, and wonder which purple hero to ascend next.

My purple team is: Seshat+13, Costume Rigard+19, Costume Sartana, Guardian Panther and Clarissa.

I got Freya at 3/70, and planned to max her next, but then I got Khiona from Atlantis. Also got Quintus, Thoth-Amon, Obakan and Grimble, but I guess Freya/Khiona are more useful.

Las dos son muy buenas,Freya creo que esta enfocada mejor para la defensa y khiona para el ataque, depende de lo que necesites.

I have both and love them. I’d go with Freya.