Khiona or Domitia?

Yeah, definitely strong potential for titan use too, I agree.


The second one sounds really devilishly deadly :slight_smile:
Not just against pure yellows, it would be good in many other situations.

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thank you so much for the help :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Im a little more torn than some of the commenters. Who I would choose to ascend would depend on a few things.

  1. If you plan on using the 5* you choose to level with a hero that buffs attack as a regular thing, go for Domitia. Its gets really annoying and tricky timing Khiona correctly so she doesnt get over written. If you don’t have any attack buffers you reguarly plan to use the hero with, Khiona.

  2. If you’re more focused on improving your defense team right now, Domitia. If you’re more focused on adding more variety into your offense options, Khiona. I think Domitia’s defense buff against holy can make her a more annoying flank than Khiona even though her stats aren’t as great. If you’re looking for the best allrounder, then it depends heavily on whether you feel like you have enough heroes that dispell enemy buffs and number 3.

  3. Do you just want to toss a hero in your teams and have them work equally well under all conditions? Then Domitia definitely, she seems easy to use. Do you have any heroes you already love to use Khiona with or plan to use her with? Then Khiona. Khiona was my first HOTM so I’ve read a lot of threads about her. Opinions range widely, some people think she’s a just “fine” HOTM, some people think she’s one of the most mediocre/underwhelming HOTM, and some people think she’s one of the most useful and underrated heroes in the game. I’ve noticed that opinons on her tend to be based on what heroes she’s being used with and just how strategized the team she’s on is. Outside of titan battles, I usually find Khiona to be underwhelming without Wilbur by her side. Despite her attack buff potential, it only lasts a measly 3 turns so it can be difficult to get the buff very high for all 3 heroes effected and coincide with ss and tile damage— i feel like it should last longer but it only lasting 3 turns encourages you to make the most of it. Wilbur in my experience brings out her true potential since if any one of the 3 heroes effected by her buff gets hit, they all get the attack boost. Which takes her from “meh” to “wow!” extremely quickly.

Everyone saying attack buffers override khiona are completely wrong

Her attack symbol is the same as brienne, so you can use Kiril + khiona or anyone who buffs attacks

While the “different symbols stack” is a convenient general way to explain stacking, it’s actually wrong in this case. All variants of attack buffs from hero specials are non-stackable; the only exception are those with different mechanics, namely Gambler’s Stance (Wu Kong) and Martial Prowess (Tarlak).

There are several places on the forum that discuss this, here are two convenient ones:


Everyone saying attack buffers override khiona are completely wrong

Her attack symbol is the same as brienne, so you can use Kiril + khiona or anyone who buffs attacks

I’ve used her with both Kiril and Boldtusk and every single time they overwrite her buff. So either there’s a mass glitch that nearly everyone is experiencing or you just haven’t noticed she’s being overwritten. WuKong is the only attack buffer I’ve tested that she stacks with.


also from my personal experience, khiona is best for defence, EACH TILE she is hit with increases her attack

I have a maxxed khiona and raiding with her the 3 turns is waaay to short and usually she never gets above 65%

  1. Domi is far worst than Sartana, thats a fact.
  2. Khiona is good if you do not have other/better buffer, I personally almost never take khiona for raiding, I prefer to rely on Ares in this regards and the rest of my offense team are only fast/very 5* fast hitters, with an additional healer.
    Obviously your situation is different, as you rely o Mork, so you are limited to dark cards and khiona with him will work nice, but dont believe that she is that super awesome as multiple guys are telling here :slight_smile:
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I mean she’s a top 3 purple hitter

I’d take her over Sartana easily

Among all the I really want to have HOTMs is Khonia … Her skill is no where else speciall but a 3☆ card. Which makes her a gamechanger in my opinion.
I wonder what a team of Khonia Tarlak Ares Athina BT could do.
Any thoughts?

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Khonia Tarlak Ares Athena & BT sounds solid. I’ve got Khiona with only 1 pull (the only pull that I did on that month). I think I’ll go for her bc I’m thinking in this team:

Rigard (MAX)
Domitia (3/70)
Khiona (3/70 now but will use the materials and soon max)
Mok-Arr (still on 1/1 but the future is near lol)
Hu kong

Seems good too, right? I would rip off any yellow titan

They’d be stepping on each other’s toes. The attack buffs from Ares, BT and Khiona are mutually exclusive; you get whichever cast last.


That’s true but (I may be talking s***) also that doesn’t would mean like… guaranteed attack boost?

Sure, but you’re foregoing perks that other heroes could provide. In choosing 5 heroes, I don’t want 3 of those to provide an attack buff at the loss of other useful things (blinding, -mana_gen, -attack, etc.).

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got it…

So… Since these are my ‘useful’ heroes. Is this a fact that khiona will be a better choice then?

I think so. Be mindful of the Kiril/Khiona overlap on +attack.

thank you for all that :writing_hand:
For evading that kiril+khiona issue I will be using Rigardie as healer or even Melendor… But I dislike him a bit… Still thinking if I should upgrade him or Skittleskull… Idk yet…

Melendor is squishy but has great tile damage. It’s really useful to have a dispel hero at hand to counter an enemy with heroes that cast a lot of buffs. With alliance wars you really want a healer on every team, so six healers isn’t too many. 12 healers isn’t too many.


Sad … I didn’t thought it would re-write each others special effects.
As Ares gives critical
Khonia tile damage
BT buffs attack
Tarlak … well you know
I mean the icons aint the same so I thought I might stack together.
So if we replaced Ares with Grog dose it works as only buffing critical?

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