Khiona (Dark/Purple) - HOTM in September



I got Khiona and Sartana. I don’t know which one to level first, any advice would be appreciated


Ok, here is my opinion. I like Sartana a lot! In fact, she’s been on my wish list for a long time. BUT, I think Khiona is better and I would choose her over Sartana. Khiona has better attack and defense stats, and slightly lower HP. Khiona will do more tile damage and gives an attack boost, plus healing if you run more than 1 Purple Hero.

I think Sartana would probably be a little better on a defense team, but overall I would take Khiona.

Thanks for asking this question, it made me compare them, and now I know I can take Sartana off my wish list. Now I need a good green 5*…


thanks, that is helpful


Sound like Evelyn is a great hero


Have you heard anything more about what Atlantis heroes they might have? (Besides that purple shark guy)


No sorry, no new heroes were shown n beta until today


Aegis is an Atlantis hero. 4s


I have done a lot of 10 pulls since 2/2017 and only gotten 3 hotm. If you contact the game they say it’s all random. Not fun but part of the game


I got her on 1 token as well with Friar Tuck. If you pull Friar you really deserve a bonus…


Another premium green 5* hero wich will “have to be maxed” then but the fact that it’ll require tonics to do so kinda suck…

Alberich, Zeline, Gregorion, Tarlak, Evelyn… now I know why Agwe’s special were changed.


I’ve spent about 6000 gems trying to Get Khiona!


lucky ducky again, two rolls and she just says, “sup, I’m here” that’s how I got fake Bruce Lee last month, lol.
Okay serious question about Khiona, her move buff gets overwritten by an actual attack buff, is that normal?


yes her attack don’t stack with others such as boldtusk.
The more I use her the more mediocre she seems to be.
It’s better to change her to fast mana or increase attack to 4-6 turns. Right now she lacks defense and attack


is she not op??? I am debating if i wanna get her…Her description seems a bit weak to me.


She is definitely not OP
372% special is considered weak esp with average Mana
45% attack buff looks decent until you see it’s only for 3 turn and neighbors. Compared to BoldTusk 48% buff up 4 turn for everyone, her special looks particularly weak.


Who would be better suited to the left and right of my Delilah tank?
Khiona. Delilah. Sartana.
Sartana. Delilah. Sartana.
Im just trying to make the best defence team possible.


Don’t forget the 20% increase for each hit taken each turn for her or the neighbors.


I did almost 28 pulls and got 3x Peter’s and few standard 4* heroes. No luck after so many times is just pathetic.


You’d probably need to pull 35-45 times to have a 50/50 shot at receiving a HOTM, given a 1.3% drop rate. I did the math assuming someone committed to a set number of pulls before proceeding and it was about 53 pulls. Given that there are behaviors that may undermine that assumption, it is probably somewhat less than 53. Now I know my hoarding goal for future HOTM :smile:

I would say that you were not unlucky, but rather, you were not lucky enough to overcome the summon odds.



I hate to be the lucky one and probably make some people upset but I pulled her on the only token/pull I have done this month.