Khiona (Dark/Purple) - HOTM in September

Do you know what HOTM will be in September?


Sorry! :persevere: and 20 more



Can this thread be stickied for the month of September?

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Heh. Technically it wasn’t supposed to be posted outside of Beta.

What the hell, it’s nearly 9/1… :wink:


Whoops lol 20 characters

I heard some rumblings about it being some Aegis fellow…does anyone know for sure? Thx.

This character seems very OP. WOULD BE A GAME CHANGER

I think aegis is the HoTM for September

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Nope, it’s Khiona.

Aegir will probably be available in the atlantis summon for September.

Purple comes after yellow

It’s gonna be khiona

Aegir has no family attached. That means Aegir is HOTM.

Khiona = September HotM
Aegir = October HotM
Zimkitha = November HotM (red)
Evelyn = December HotM (green)


What is special about November and December HOTMs? I don’t ask pictures, just overal - healer, sniper, tank…

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It’s hard to tell because they can be changed. But the initial info is that they are fast hitters. The green one hits 3, dispels 3 and removes defense from GREEN like jackal does to yellow, falcon to red and Panther to purple.
The red one hits all, and removes status from all your heroes, like rigard and Vivica


I have all mats for 5* red hero. Was thinking, use mats for second Gravemaker or wait for November.

Really thanks for info.

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Huh, coulda sworn aegir was an Atlantis hero. My bad.

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That’s what I was told (aegir) by a beta-tester in one of my alliances, but saw Kionna here…thats why I was a bit confused about it.

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What will the Atlantis 5* heroes be in September? Thanks so much for the info!!

I hope I’m able to get her. She seems beneficial. But, I’ve just about given up on trying to get anything other than 3* and duplicates.

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